Backend Developer (Full-time)

Product team
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March 16, 2023
More and more people with cognitive impairments are using our social care robot Tessa to live more independently. Our mission is to help the 50 Million people suffering from dementia. Our Tessa provides verbal guidance to increase daily structure and self-reliance. We enable users to regain control on their life and improve quality of life. We are expanding our product team with a back-end developer to help us build meaningful functionalities to support healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals, and people with cognitive impairments.
Brief description responsibilities: Maintain and extend the functionality of the Tinybots backend systems. Solve bugs and issues. Should be able to work out technical designs based on business needs and implement those designs. Extend databases, optimize the performance of existing systems. Keep current services up to date with current development technologies. Should be experienced with TDD/BDD, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.


  • Experienced with NodeJS (NodeJS libsnpm, express, mocha, sinon, chai, typescript)?
  • Experienced with MySQL, Relational database design, JSON/REST API design?
  • Competent in Test Driven Development (TDD)?
  • Familiar with Principles such as Twelve-factor app methodology, High availability/Redundancy, Security practices/OWASP?
  • Familiar with Java (Java Libs; Dropwizard, Spring, Guice, JDBI, jUnit, Mockito); Bash; Docker, Micro-services architecture, Linux; Debian, Redhat and Busybox based distros; Flyway; CI / CD principles; Concourse)?


  • Work in a team with high autonomy, learning culture and no challenge is too big attitude
  • Flexible work time, work when you perform at peak. If you like to hit the gym or have a nap, feel free. We are result driven, and not time bound.
  • Work remote or in our beautiful office, you can decide what is most convenient for you
  • Laptop or remuneration package
  • Competitive salary + travel remuneration
  • Personal development plan. We are growing and hope to grow together.
  • Office is located literary in a piece of art in Rotterdam

Are you interested to be part of the team and build products to improve lives of people?

You will be working with...

Max van Loosbroek
Software Developer

Max van Loosbroek | Front-end Developer

"I love working at Tinybots because we get so many messages about happy clients, reminding us that we’re improving the lives of real people. Apart from that it’s a motivated and social team that I’m glad to be a part of. Our online Christmas meeting was a lot of fun with each team member organizing a small activity, this ranged from a pub quiz to an interrogation by a hostile Tessa robot deciding whether to eliminate humankind or not."

How are your colleagues Max?
Our AI developer Arno is one of the most structured software architects on the planet. Ensuring that the scope of the project is clear from the start. Sometimes it seems he can program in his sleep and in between you can have some interesting conversations with him about Taiwanese geopolitics, video games and whether you should pick up a toxic octopus.

Our founder Wang is always busy but never fails to make time when you need him. It's great to discuss new features together with Wang as he always helps you stay sharp to end up with the best possible solution. It's always nice to have a beer or a coffee with Wang, and with his passion and calm he keeps the team motivated and focused.

Arno Nederlof
A.I. & Tech Lead

Arno Nederlof | AI Developer

"I am proud that my work is truly impacting people's life. We apply technology in a meaningful way. I joined the Team as first employee, and love working every day on something new, learning new things and feel challenged to change the world for the better with the whole team. We have a multi-disciplinary team with a learning culture built on trust, value alignment, stimulate personal growth to give each autonomy to be their best."